Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Networking for the St. Elmos’ Fire Crowd
My 25th prep school reunion was this weekend at Choate in Wallingford, CT. Being a glutton for punishment I agreed to be one of the reunion chairs for the event reasoning that since I plan a lot of events for SIIA, there should be some skill overlap. Luckily there was. We made extensive use of email to help in the recruiting efforts and used blogs, Photobucket , Skype and FaceBook to supplement. Unlike the information industry crowd, there has not been as much acceptance out in the general populace yet. We got about 25 classmates to join Facebook and through that process found out that some of my classmates are in the info industry!
I’m hoping that a lot of the photos taken will make it up to Facebook or Photobucket to help lay the groundwork for our 30th reunion.

Our approach stands in sharp contrast to the graduating 6th formers (seniors) that I got to meet a few weeks ago. Every one of them is on FaceBook now and as one student pointed out was that they are “only one wall post away” from contacting each other in the future. This will certainly come in handy for them 25 years from now when they have to find each other.

P.S. Thanks no Nancy Kho for the St. Elmo’s Fire reference – I sent her a link to the photos last week.

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Nancy said...

yes, you sent me a photo in which you had Rob Lowe's hairstyle from that movie. All you needed was the bottle of hairspray and a match and a drunk, despondent Demi Moore.