Thursday, January 08, 2009

Content Nation now available from John Blossom

John Blossom, a friend and longtime member of the SIIA has recently published his first book. I've already ordered mine from Amazon and will post a review after I read it. Here's a description from John:

Content Nation: Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives and Our Future
How will you survive and thrive as social media changes our world?
What are the best ways to use social media to succeed in our work, our lives and our future?

"Content Nation" is a wide-ranging look at what makes social media tick, offering case studies and practical tips as to how we can conduct our business, our politics and our personal lives using social media and a look at how a future shaped by social media will be very different in many ways than the civilizations of the past several thousand years.

In the process of changing our world, social media will bring us back to our pre-historic roots and simultaneously thrust us into a magnificent future in which the very DNA of human society will change forever.

Best of all, chances are you're a part of that future already as a publisher of social media - a citizen of Content Nation.You can order the print edition of the book online now or write a review!

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